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The Woodlands Mosquito Control – Mosquito Misting Systems & Maintenance PAL can manage mosquito populations on your property.

Forget about all the other mosquito prevention remedies that don’t work! Ointments, creams, candles, plug in lamps and shockers even that garlic smell from organic products. Nothing is more effective than our mosquito misting systems and mosquito management programs designed specifically for your environment. Commercial or Residential applications including; agricultural facilities, horse barns and stalls, even areas where fly’s are a common nuisance.  Act now by calling (936) 446-9498.

PAL will design and install your mosquito misting system, set the system to function at the time of day when mosquitoes in your area are most active. Based on our flow charts, PAL can estimate how many days of service you will receive before your system needs to be refilled. We will return to fill the system and check all the tubing and nozzles to assure correct functioning of each component of our misting system. Should there be a failure in the tubing or a malfunctioning nozzle: PAL will repair or replace it at the time of service at NO ADDITIONAL COST!


Just remember that effective home mosquito control can easily be attained with our mosquito misting systems. If you have a mosquito, spider or insect problem on your Woodlands property, we urge you to contact us today for a free estimate.

I. How Do I Protect My Home:

What is a Mosquito/Insect Misting Management System?
Our mosquito system is a proven insect misting system that automatically sprays a fine mist of Pyrethrum-based insecticide at pre-set times each day. The system kills and repels mosquitoes around pools, patios, porches – even areas as large as your entire yard.

What makes a Misting System the Best Answer to My Mosquito Problems?
To quote many customers “It Works.” With the help of some of the country’s leading entomologists and pest management professionals; PAL installs the most complete line of misting equipment available. For the most up to date features in misting and system design, along with installation by true professionals, PAL is the answer.

What Type of Insecticide Will Be Used?
PAL will select the exact product, formulation and dosage based upon their knowledge and experience as licensed pest management professionals. More than likely, a product containing Pyrethrum will be used. PAL can provide you with detailed information on the product selected for your system and its approved usage.

Does Misting With Pyrethrum Kill Mosquitoes?
Yes, delivered in the dosages prescribed for distribution by the system, pyrethrum insecticide is lethal to adult mosquitoes.

How Long Will it Take to Install The System?
There are many variables that determine the length of time needed to install a system. A typical system can be installed in 4-8 hrs; however more complex systems can take several days.

When Will I Notice a Reduction in Mosquitoes?

Our mosquito misting system begins working the moment it’s activated.

How Often Will The Misting System Need a Refill?
That will depend upon the number of nozzles, the number of misting cycles per day and the length of each misting cycle, along with the number of times that you manually activate a cycle. PAL can calculate usage based upon pre-programmed misting cycles and anticipated manual usage.

II. Installations:
Installation of a system is performed by a PAL trained and certified installer. Already knowledgeable in responsible pest management solutions in mosquito biology, techniques to reduce the mosquito population and the use of the mosquito misting systems in an overall integrated mosquito management program. You can be assured that your system is designed and selected under the direction of a licensed pest management professional trained in mosquito control and in the proper use of insecticide and repellant products.
The design of each system begins with a homeowner interview and site evaluation.

  • Suggestions are made as to ways the mosquito population can be decreased, thus allowing the most efficient use of the selected insecticide or repellent.
  • The design of each system is reviewed with the homeowner and selection is made of the system and controller that best suits the needs of the job.
  • Our master unit is usually placed near other outside equipment.
  • Tubing is run as inconspicuously as possible from the master unit to nozzles located within the designated protection area.
  • Nozzles installed under eaves and soffits deliver a mist that covers areas adjacent to the house and establishes the inside perimeter of the no fly zone.
  • Nozzles can be installed in trees and other foliage to cover areas away from the house.
  • Nozzles installed on fences create an outside perimeter for the no fly zone.
  • Nozzles required along a fence line can also be installed as risers.
  • Where the design of the system requires ground level misting, stationary risers constructed of copper tubing are used.
  • The timer is set by a trained technician to run at times likely to have the most impact on the mosquito population.
  • Every misting system has remote control capability to allow for indoor activation at times of increased activity.